Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: L’oreal Anti-Dull Skin Primer

Studio Secrets™ Professional Color Correcting Primer
What L’oreal Says: Discover the secret to a flawlessly even skin tone—in an instant. Studio Secrets™ Professional Color Correcting Primers glide on smoothly to immediately correct and improve the look of your complexion. Each of the three professional correctors is formulated to address your unique skin type:
Anti-Redness: neutralizes redness
Anti-Dull Skin (light skin): illuminates and adds warmth to light complexions, and
Anti-Dull Skin (medium/deep skin): gives a radiant, healthy glow to medium/dark skin tones.
Wear alone or under makeup for a naturally gorgeous look.

Purpose: It’s a skin primer that’s meant to awaken dull skin by evening out skin tone or correcting skin discoloration

Color Range: Light, Med/Dark & Green Corrector
Packaging/Size: Pump, .6 oz (almost 1 full oz.)
Price: $12.99 @ CVS

First Impressions: I thought this would be a great addition to my spring/summer foundation routine. Especially over tanned skin with a light dusting of powder on top.
In the store: The colors seemed darker then what they were under the store lighting. I was temped to get the lighter shade but it had too much pink and I knew I would regret it. It also seemed like a thicker, semi-matte, no shimmer formula.
At home: I saw the glitter! It’s sort of a borderline glitter/shimmer formula, but it’s not super glittery at all. But it might still be a problem if you have large pores because the glitter particles can settle in pores and make them appear larger.

Consistency: Slightly Runny, thin formula. Sets kind of fast so I had to blend it in quickly.
Color: The color was lighter then what it appeared to be in the store, bit still best suited for tan skin tones.
Finish: It’s not a matte or semi-matte formula, sort of moist for being so thin, but not greasy or slick. I hardly noticed the glitter/shimmer after applying a layer of powder on top. It seemed like the shimmer dusted off.

  • Did slightly even out my tone.
  • Looked great under concealer and powder.
  • When under foundation, it kept my skin looking fresh- like I had just applied foundation
  • The shimmer wasn’t as noticeable with products layered on top.
  • The pump bottle is great.
  • It didn’t do everything the product claims to do- awaken skin on it’s own? – Not too much (*But it did keep my foundation looking fresh so I guess this kept me looking “less dull”)
  • The shimmer might be a problem for some.
  • You have to blend this in quickly or else it looks a little patchy.
  • The pump lets out a lot more product then you need so be careful.
Repurchase?: If it doesn’t break me out and nothing new comes out on the market- then probably. But I still prefer the Magic Perfecting Base a little more just because of the matte factor.

***The L’oreal Studio Secrets line only has 2 products in the U.S. but they offer other products overseas that seem promising. Hopefully they will make it over here soon.

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