Monday, May 3, 2010

Day to Night using Closet Staples

Summer is just around the corner and for most of us this means it's time to push back Fall/Winter clothes and bring forward warm weather favorites. But we don't have to buy a brand new wardrobe- although many of us would have no problem taking the time to do so! Here is an example of restyling two staples that most of us probably have had in our closets for the past few seasons and using them as the base for a Summer day and nighttime look. All items are available at Forever21.

Click to see item names and prices!

I opted out of using Polyvore because I wanted to include all item names/prices and I also wanted to browse the store's entire website- so I chose to styled this by hand (although Polyvore is a great tool that I DO use often). Again- all items are taken from Forever21 and individually complied to create the overall looks.

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