Monday, April 4, 2011

CoverGirl's Wild Little Thing

I've been away too long and I certainly miss my fave blogs and getting totally inspired. Glad to be getting back into it all.

I have found a pretty little something to add to my everyday makeup bag that I carry in my purse.

CoverGirl's 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Clean Pressed Powder- Oily Control

The powder is lightweight and goes on smoothly. This particular formula (the blue one for oily skin) has cut my touch-ups in half! I picked up a lighter shade as well which goes on almost translucent.

This print is too cute to pass up and the other two compacts (brown for normal skin and green for sensitive skin) had different LE animal prints as well.

CG gave their Clean line a total facelift and their powder and foundation formulas have also improved. Even without the limited edition print, the new packaging looks much more sleek and inviting. 

With Love,

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Haul

Since I always have to have my nails done, I picked up some neutral polishes and top coats at the drugstore. With school starting and the search for a job post spring graduation, these will probably become my go-to polishes for a clean look.

Top: Nail Shine Miracle Top Coat, Hard as Nails- Hard As Wraps in Sheer Beige Gloss, Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Rose-a-go-go
Bottom: Quick Care Seal & Shine Top Coat, Hard As Nails in Natural Tint, Sheer Vanilla, Sheer Strawberry and Rose Wine, All by Sally Hansen

With Love,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elle Magazine September 2010

Dear Elle Magazine,
I love love every issue, hence why I have been a subscriber for the past 4 years! But why did you have to send me the September 2010 issue with the Megan Fox cover??!!! Nothing against her, but I would have loved the cover with Gabourey Sidibe! It's so weird that subscriber covers from all magazines are usually different than newsstand covers. Anyway, I'm still glad to see Ms. Sidibe on the cover of such a prestigious magazine! Go Elle!

With Love,
Christina :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Clinique's Almost Foundation Kit - in Neutral

I'm normally not the kind that has to wear one brand of makeup at a time. I think most of us wear at least 3 or 4 brands (or more!), but I found this great Clinque set that's perfect for my everyday foundation routine. Each product goes together so well it's hard for me to mix it up. The application is smooth and the finish is 100% fresh, making it truly a delight to be oh so matchy matchy.

Available in 4 different shades, each set comes with: Almost Makeup SPF 15 (tinted moisturizer), Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 (for more coverage), Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and a Powder Foundation Brush

Overall, a no fuss set that allows for light to medium coverage. Paired with a great concealer, this can definitely be a year round foundation routine.

With Love,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Smokey Eye

Summer arrived late here in So-Cal, but  now it's a bit of a heat wave. I wanted to create a no-fuss summer smokey eye, nothing too heavy nor too neutral. This is what I came up with using an Eyes Lips Face palette found at Target.

Products Used:
Stila Brushes #5 & #9 and Major Lash Mascara; Elf Palette in Neutral; Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study; 
Sheer Cover Eyeliner w/ Essence of Beauty Liner Brush;
Target Brand Smudge Brush

With Love,

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Got A New Face!

... Routine that is! Found this little duo, thought they would be the perfect defense for my combination skin against the summer heat. (If it ever makes it to Southern Cali- it's been one of the top 10 coldest summers!) Once I finish my Clinique products I'll be testing these out.

Clean and Clear Pore Perfecting Cleanser and SPF moisturizer

With Love,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clean & Neat

 I've been looking for inspiration for reorganizing my room. I have tons of stuff (makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories...) so it's hard to make everything fit AND look nice and neat. I'm a total neat freak, I'll clean/organize until 1am without thinking twice. I was gathering pics from my computer to have sent out for printing when I stumbled upon this pic that I took on my 2nd anniversary (last year) with my bf. 

It is totally me, fave perfume, crisp anniversary flowers, religious candle and an old pic of my mom and younger brother. It's a little off center, but it's clean and neat. It still says something about me without cramming too much into the shot. This is what I want my entire room to say about me, so it's pretty much my main inspiration, but I'm still gathering outside ideas. This will be my room for at least one more year and then I'm off to grad school. Time to get active and make the best of what I have. 

With Love,