Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Studying & Shopping

I should have been studying but a break was much needed so I went through some things I got during a recent outlet mall/Macy's shopping trip. The outlet mall I go to is about 15 minutes away but I try not to go too often because this happens...

I was all over the place looking for a a great bag for school which I found at the Guess store. I also found a cute Dooney & Bourke bag at Macy's but I will probably wait until it gets closer to the summer to use it.

MSF duo Natural & Shimmer side and Girl Friendly paint pot

I picked up some new Coach sneakers. I have 2 pairs already but a pair got a little messed up during some unexpected San Diego rain storms! They were a great deal and I received an extra 20% off that day. Now off to studying for my Criminal Justice midterm.

With Love,


  1. oh i love shopping instead of studying lol! well now that I'm done with school i actually miss studying!!! my man we going to school for criminal justice.
    what part of SD u live at?

    <3 tingy

  2. South Bay area. I picked CJ as my 2nd major so far I like it!

  3. lol if only there was a course on shopping....!!

    Sami xx

  4. I just got back from a mini trip to San Diego and of course we hit the outlets. My back seat in my car looks the same way full of bags. It can be dangerous to live that close to the outlets.

  5. I love the coach shoes. I love the haul.

    Saga of a Fatshionista