Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Body Shop

I have always loved The Body Shop. I love entering their store, smelling the fresh, clean scents of all their products and never regretting a thing I buy (with the exception of a toner I once bought that broke me out! But I returned it with no problems and it has since been discontinued. & I learned that my face doesn't like grapeseed.)

I wanted to try some things from their Seaweed skincare line. It's for combination/oily skin which is totally me. I have an oily T-Zone with the occasional stress zit/break-out. Unfortunately most oil-control products contain high levels of salicylic acid. I don't mind salicylic acid- my night repair lotion & toner have very small amounts, but I don't want to add more because it can dry me out, leaves discoloration patches & sometimes makes me break out more.

Here's what I ended up getting:
Seaweed Try-Me Kit

A full size of the Mattifying Cream (they were all out of the SPF lotion, but I can use this as a primer w/my current SPF moisturizer or I can layer it on top of my summer moisturizer which tends to make me more oily than my normal because it has a higher level of SPF)

Cucumber Cleansing Milk

Cucumber Freshening Water

Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

Tea Tree Oil (maybe this will replace my trusty ZapZyt gel)

Renewed my Love Your Body membership

With Love,


  1. Good haul!
    I've never been to a Body Shop (none near me) but it looks like a great place to shop. :)

  2. i just went to the body shop couple days ago and got the seaweed thing toner lol (forgot what it's called).. so far i like it :) tell me how u like the kit. i bought one for a friend