Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eyes Lips Face Haul

My Eyes Lips Face order finally came in via FedEx on Friday. I hadn’t ordered anything from their site since their Studio Line first came out & I took a chance on them since there were zero reviews or hauls featuring the new line. Since then loads of new products were added so I decided to place a large order since my local Target only carries a fraction of Elf’s products (plus I had a major discount code).  My take on Elf: Yes- the Studio Line is a bit of a knock-off, but they are still great products that work and I don’t have to be so protective of them like I am with my department store makeup.

 Bronzers, Complexion Powder, Shimmer palette, Concealer palette, Blushes & Brow Kit

Lip Gloss/Stains, HD Powder, SPF Powder, Gel Liners & Blemish Concealer

Brushes (Powder, Complexion & Contour are repurchases!), Bronzer & Lip Tin

The only non-Studio Line product that I ordered was the Matte Bronzer ($1 line). I have the other 3 so I wanted to complete the set. With the exception of being a little powdery, they are quite nice and long lasting. I also got a freebie- Candy Shop Lip Gloss Tin in Coconut Crazed which has a soft summer coconut scent. I might pick some up at Target because they are nicer than expected (& are only 50 cents if purchased on the website).

With Love,


  1. That's an order!!Lovely haul!Hope for reviews too!!!

  2. omg i just left this longggg comment and when i tried to submit an error occurred... dang lol!!! nice haul ...
    and thanks for the comment. I just hate looking at my crappy photos and post. but i am trying to get more serious about freelancing but work keeps me busy!!
    <3 tingy

  3. great review! love all the colours!

  4. OMG!!! You ordered everything! lol..REviews PLEASE!