Monday, April 4, 2011

CoverGirl's Wild Little Thing

I've been away too long and I certainly miss my fave blogs and getting totally inspired. Glad to be getting back into it all.

I have found a pretty little something to add to my everyday makeup bag that I carry in my purse.

CoverGirl's 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Clean Pressed Powder- Oily Control

The powder is lightweight and goes on smoothly. This particular formula (the blue one for oily skin) has cut my touch-ups in half! I picked up a lighter shade as well which goes on almost translucent.

This print is too cute to pass up and the other two compacts (brown for normal skin and green for sensitive skin) had different LE animal prints as well.

CG gave their Clean line a total facelift and their powder and foundation formulas have also improved. Even without the limited edition print, the new packaging looks much more sleek and inviting. 

With Love,


  1. Oooh! Hope we get these in Australia! Packaging looks adorable, too.

  2. I hate how some countries get stuff and others don't! There are so many things available in your county that I want lol!